Nice to meet you, I’m Colin.

I was born and raised in Vancouver, educated in Vancouver, and I live and work in Vancouver. I love this city so much I start to get homesick if it’s sunny for too many days in a row. Of course, it’s not without its faults, and our local media has become familiar with my complaints.

I went to Simon Fraser University, graduating with a degree in design from the School of Interactive Arts & Technology. If you visit SFU, know that from the AQ gardens you can access the roof of the South Science Building quite easily. At the southwest corner there is an overhang that students store folding chairs under. Grab one. It’s a great place to watch a sunset.

When I wasn’t in class or on roofs, I served terms as both the Humour Editor and Production & Design Editor at The Peak — our student newspaper — and I worked three successful co-op jobs across public, private, and nonprofit institutions. Upon graduating, I decided that changing jobs every semester was for chumps and I’ve been at Invoke ever since.

As a stand-up comedian, I’ve toured across Western Canada, been featured as part of the Just For Laughs Northwest comedy festival, showcased for SiriusXM Top Comic, and can regularly be found at shows around town — including the shows I host: the weekly show, Full Pint Comedy at Castaway Bar & Kitchen and the monthly Pleasant Comedy at Our Town Cafe.

Those are the basics, but please drop me a line if you want to grab a nice cocktail and chat about growing an herb garden, the city’s best bike routes, your favourite episode of Nathan For You, or the best ways to use a cast-iron pan.


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