Vancouver-based. A degree in interaction design. Days spent as a copywriter and digital content strategist. Nights spent telling jokes to strangers at comedy clubs. I’m Colin, and I think it’s real neat you stopped by.

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What I Do


There’s joy in making the familiar seem fresh. Whether adapting to a new style or establishing the foundations of a new one, transforming a set of new ideas into words is a delight.

Digital Expert

There’s no winning when you chase every shiny, new platform. However, when you understand not only what you do and why you do it, but the new context you’re exploring, fascinating opportunities will be there for you to discover.

Design Minded

If we don’t know who it’s for, we don’t know if it’s good. The principles of good user experience design drive me to ensure that every user, reader, customer, watcher, or listener is getting what they need.

Funny Person

Starting with a three-minute spot on stage at a café best known for their flamenco nights, I’ve written, bombed, re-written, and nailed it in the never-ending pursuit of getting laughs as a stand-up comedian.

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